Looking for custom GPTs that wow your clients and scare competitors?
How to Build Your Own GPT Bots In Less Than a Day

No coding or ‘tech knowledge’ required

After 3 hours with our AI Expert’s hands-on training, you’ll make hyper-specialized bots for your business, to rent out to clients, or to sell on the GPT Store

Why Upgrade to Custom GPT Bots?

While your GPT Prompt Bible turns ChatGPT into an effective AI machine…

And while our 30 GPT Bots make prompting obsolete, giving you a team of experts who will execute any task you give them…

But What if your AI needs to match the specific needs you, your client, or the market requires?

Then upgrading to your own specialized GPT Bots is the answer.

We made a unique, hyper-focused training that makes this intimidating concept super easy.

So that anyone between the ages of 9 to 90 can make unlimited GPT bots without feeling ‘dumb’.

Over 80 Biz Owners and Entrepreneurs Participated in This Live ‘Build Your Own GPT’ Training

Making Custom GPT Bots Gives You:

  • An Extra AI Brain: Picture an AI that mirrors your business’s needs so closely it’s like having an extra brain focused solely on your success
  • Rental Income Stream: Create ‘mini-you’ bots you can rent out to clients, offering a fresh revenue path with minimal extra effort
  • Direct Income: Tap into the GPT store market, where you sell your bots to a growing audience who want ready-made solutions
  • An Absolute Competitive Edge: Stand out by offering something truly unique in your industry, securing your position as a leader
  • Painless Growth: With custom bots at your side, scaling becomes as easy as pie. Automate the complex, handle more clients, and grow your business without the growing pain

So in this 3-hour workshop, AI-Expert Bogdan shows you how to build your own GPT based on your needs

Meet Bogdan Vaida:

Bogdan has been delivering masterclasses on AI inside the AI Growth Tribe for months.

Apart from being an AI educator, he’s a:

  • Founding member of Iron Capital (VC company incorporated in Dubai)
  • AI advocate with multiple online courses on AI
  • Advisor for Gravvity, Blockchain Valley Virtual, Gentlemen Capital, Bountie, Zone of Avoidance, MetaVill, Onestake Finance, Umay

And in less than 3 hours, he’ll show you:

  • A unique ‘hand-held’ demonstration on how to build a GPT bot that feels like you’re being personally mentored
  • How to apply this process and method across various niches with zero effort
  • 5 GPT use cases that you can implement right now
  • The right way to implement GPTs in your workflow and automate it
  • How to create your own AI Chatbots to rent out


After completing this training, you’ll be able to:

✔️ Build your own GPT Bots with zero coding or tech experience

✔️ Integrate your custom GPTs in your – or someone else’s – business

✔️ Save time in your operations and scare your competitors by growing spectacularly

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