Don’t want to train ChatGPT yourself?
Jump Straight into AI Automation with 30 ‘Done for You’ GPT Bots

We trained this AI Dream Team on 10,000+ prompts, dozens of paid courses & books, all tweaked by top-level experts…

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Meet Your New Team That Never Sleeps

Your Business Department

#1 Virtual Assistant Bot

Automates your tasks for peak efficiency.

#2 Business Assistant Bot

Drives your business growth with strategic consultation.

#3 Client Onboarding Bot

Manages B2B agency client onboarding seamlessly.

#4 CV Enhancement Bot: 

Crafts standout CVs to highlight your professional edge.

#5 Excel Mentor Bot: 

Automates complex Excel tasks for users of all skill levels.

#6 Interview Process Bot: 

Conducts mock interviews and provides instant improvements.

#7 Customer Service Bot: 

Delivers top-tier customer service solutions directly.

#8 Virtual Support Bot: 

Resolves client product queries with precision.

Your Marketing Department

#9 Ad Optimisation Bot: 

Directly enhances ad copy for maximum clarity and impact.

#10 Blog Writing Bot: 

Generates engaging, SEO-optimized blog content effortlessly.

#11 Cold Email Bot: 

Creates effective cold emails with a high conversion rate.

#12 Digital Marketing Bot: 

Implements custom digital marketing strategies for you.

#13 Digital Product Development Bot: 

Leads your product development with expert insights.

#14 Marketing Persona Bot: 

Automatically develops detailed marketing personas.

#15 SEO Optimisation Bot: 

Optimizes your website's SEO for top performance.

#16 Strategic Market Bot: 

Conducts competitor analysis and crafts market strategies.

#17 Viral Hooks Creator Bot: 

Produces captivating viral hooks to engage audiences.

#18 Client Avatar Simulation Bot: 

Simulates client interactions for sales optimization.

Your Sales Department

#19 Strategic Sales Advisor Bot: 

Develops and applies effective digital sales strategies.

#20 Content Repurposing Bot: 

Transforms content across platforms for broader reach.

Your Social Media Department

#21 Facebook Engagement Bot: 

Generates engaging, shareable Facebook content.

#22 Instagram Growth Bot: 

Accelerates Instagram growth with strategic content creation.

#23 LinkedIn Growth Bot: 

Enhances business profiles and LinkedIn strategies effectively.

#24 Social Media Strategy Bot: 

Executes social media strategies for maximum engagement.

#25 X/Twitter Growth Bot: 

Creates engaging X/Twitter content to captivate followers.

#26 Viral Video Creation Bot: 

Designs and produces viral YouTube Shorts.

Your Creative Department

#27 Digital Content Creation Bot: 

Produces high-impact digital marketing content.

#28 Copywriting Bot: 

Crafts compelling copy to enhance your messaging.

#29 Grammar Bot: 

Automatically corrects and improves English grammar in texts.

#30 Sales Story Creation Bot: 

Generates engaging sales stories to captivate and convert.

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