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Congratulations on your purchase, you’ve just made a huge leap to automate your business with ChatGPT!

But you’re still missing out on a HUGE aspect of the AI revolution:

AI Image Creation

With attention spans being historically low…

Images have never been as important as today

A business needs an eye-catching logo, professional avatars, product covers that stop people from scrolling, and exciting stock images.

All of which cost fortunes and take months when you hire professionals to make them…

But are virtually FREE and INSTANT with Midjourney.

That’s why we’ve created 650+ copy-and-paste Midjourney prompts for you!

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Here are just a fraction of all the business tasks you can do with Midjourney:

✅ Generate stunning images for your PowerPoint presentations

✅ Create a striking background for your Zoom conferences

✅ Design eye-catching logos

✅ Create stunning images for your blog

✅ Create app icons

✅ Design your own business card

✅ Create avatars for your team

✅ Boost your event promotion

✅ Create images for advertising campaigns

✅ Email marketing for your business

Create whatever image you desire

If you can picture an image in your mind, these prompts will help you create it.

Now you can finally go from ‘meh’ to superb images and use the full power of Midjourney without having to learn how it works..

All you have to do is copy and paste the prompts provided, and voilà! 👇

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